Hot Weather Skin Care – Tips for Summer & the Tropics

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Some of us live in climates where summer is an expected season and everyone loves it. Many other readers of this site live in places where it is warm all around the year and the seasons are less about cold and warm but about dry and humid. Wherever you live, I gather as you are reading my site, you are interested in making your skin beautiful, throughout the year. This is an article for anyone wanting to learn about hot weather skin care, or looking for tips and products on skin care in the Tropics!

Natural Hand Care – Find the Best Anti Aging Hand Cream

Our hands really get the most exposure to everything we encounter in our daily life – we use them to work, we wash them and rub them dry, they are out in the sun... you name it, the hands will have their share! Therefore it is really important not only to take care of our face and neck, making sure they are moisturized with the best age defying creams, but also treat our hands with a good hand cream.