Hot Weather Skin Care – Tips for Summer & the Tropics

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Some of us live in climates where summer is an expected season and everyone loves it. Many other readers of this site live in places where it is warm all around the year and the seasons are less about cold and warm but about dry and humid. Wherever you live, I gather as you are reading my site, you are interested in making your skin beautiful, throughout the year. This is an article for anyone wanting to learn about hot weather skin care, or looking for tips and products on skin care in the Tropics!

Caring for your skin in a hot climate or season can be a challenge as the weather warms, along with the humidity. Our skin reacts to that kind of weather very differently than to a colder and/or drier weather. The heat and moisture in the air can lead to an excessive production of oil, giving you greasy skin. But that doesn't mean have to deal with a shiny complexion. With the right tips and tropical skin care products, you can keep your skin fresh and beautiful no matter how hot and humid it gets.

Here are some of our recommendations on creating your hot weather skin care routine:


In hot climates, keeping your skin free of excess oils and sweat can't be done by just a quick wash with water each morning. A thorough cleansing is probably needed twice a day to prevent clogged pores and dull, uneven skin tone. At least every night you should cleanse your face, especially if you have been wearing any makeup or sunscreen (which I hope you have!). However, avoid all kinds of creamy, wipe-off cleansers, as they are bound to be too heavy for the skin. Instead, try a natural foaming cleanser which you can wash off with water. My choice is this Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser, which is a cleanser and a makeup remover in one.


It's important to remember to keep your skin hydrated because even in hot, humid climates, we still have to rehydrate our skin to allow it to take care of itself. When you are walking in and out of air conditioned rooms into the heat outside, your skin will struggle to cope with the sudden change in temperature. A light moisturizer will help it to regulate itself naturally. Choose one that is weightless and easily absorbed into the skin. My recommendation is to choose a natural moisturizer that suits your needs and skin type; Blissoma has a great variety of high-quality products!


Whatever you do, always wear high protection factor sunscreen regardless of your skin tone. Use a product specifically formulated for the face, as they tend to be lighter, less greasy and therefore less likely to block your pores and cause irritation.  I recommend the Blissoma Photonic Broad Spectrum Facial Sunscreen + Moisturizer. While many sunscreens focus on being just a barrier product, this sunscreen is dense with antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients and skin supportive compounds. For example, the product has oils like Argan and Tamanu, which have been used for centuries to protect skin from harsh sunlight.


Do remember to drink plenty of water and other light drinks - staying well-hydrated will improve the overall look and feel of your skin. Also why not try eating foods that have a high water content to help you keep hydrated without getting bored with water only. Watermelon, strawberries, honey dew melon, cucumber, tomatoes... these kinds of fruits and veg are fantastic for a light, healthy and hydrating snack.

Cooling effect:

As a bonus why not keep all your skin care products in the fridge? When you apply them, they will give your skin a wonderful cooling effect. In addition they will keep longer, as natural ingredients do tend to go bad quicker if kept in the heat for a long time.


Hot weather skin care and tropical skin care does differ from skin care in other seasons or regions, but with the right products and some consistency you can look great all through the hot, hot summer!