How to Treat Rosacea Naturally - 3 Key Steps To Take

Can rosacea be treated? If you have been dealing with rosacea for a while, you know it can, but I am betting you have tried all kinds of products and learning different ways how to treat rosacea. But, as you are reading this article, I am also guessing the results you have been seeing are not satisfactory to you. If you want more information on how to treat rosacea naturally, please do keep on reading.

To get our terms right, rosacea is an uncomfortable skin condition which can cause redness, inflammation, flushing and visible veins on the face. It isn't something most people find beautiful so they do their best to reduce it with different kinds of creams and treatments.

The most common problem with products you get to treat rosacea is that they are often filled with chemicals which sometimes create more problems on the already irritated and inflamed skin. They may reduce the redness, but the skin feels bad and generally you are just not that sure if all that chemical mush on your skin is really healthy at all. At that point you just get sick of it all and really just want to learn how to treat rosacea naturally as soon as possible.

Three Simple Tips to Start Doing Now

To start with, look at your diet. Foods generally not healthy for you such as processed foods and red meat are not going to help your skin either. Why not instead try adding more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and Omega 3's into your daily diet. Take an Omega 3 supplement if you don't like fish or just don't want to eat it several times a week. It will also help to take a natural multivitamin, as it will provide you with the extra nutrients you need and aren't propably getting in your food, unless you are really diligent with your diet.

It will also help to stay away from extreme weather conditions like direct, strong sunlight, cold weather (especially if it is very windy and cold), and very hot water. These things can cause the rosacea to flare up, which is why you should always wear protective clothing and sunscreen. It's not always easy to protect your cheeks in a cold, windy weather in the winter if you don't want to wear a mask. What I've noticed is that wearing natural, thick night cream and perhaps even a foundation helps. It may seem funny to put on foundation just to go out for a walk on a cold winter day, but it does help. Just no Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly products!

Another thing to try is natural skin products that don't have any irritating substances like preservatives or fragrances, or other chemicals included in them. This is why you need to pay attention to the ingredients because certain skin products can cause more harm than good. Like said above, petroleum jelly (also called mineral oil) is awful for any skin, especially if you have rosacea!

You also are perhaps better of with richer skin care products and not any light moisturizer. I recommend the Restorative Night Cream by Xtend-Life for the night and even daytime if you don't need to leave the house and put on makeup. Sometimes when my gets really bad after long winter walks and pizza nights, I even use almond oil on my skin. It does so much good! I've heard coconut oil can do the same, but I haven't tried that myself.

So to conclude, here are my tips on how to treat rosacea naturally:

1. eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and Omega 3

2. protect your skin from the weather

3. treat your skin with a rich, natural skin cream like the Restorative Night Cream daily

With these tips, your skin condition is very likely to start improving, and what's best, you know you are not only making youself look nicer, you are positively affecting your health in the process, too!