Natural Hand Care – Find the Best Anti Aging Hand Cream

Our hands really get the most exposure to everything we encounter in our daily life – we use them to work, we wash them and rub them dry, they are out in the sun... you name it, the hands will have their share! Therefore it is really important not only to take care of our face and neck, making sure they are moisturized with the best age defying creams, but also treat our hands with a good hand cream.

Now let's think for a minute what a superior anti aging hand cream should do for us. For me the list would look like this:

  • moisturize and nourish effectively even when the skin is dry, red and flakey (I know mine is in the wintertime!)
  • have lots of powerful age defying ingredients to really fight the wrinkles and sagginess
  • be completely natural, with no synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens
  • absorb quickly without leaving a sticky film on the hands (you know the one I mean right?)
  • generally make my hands feel soft and smooth for a long time without having to apply the cream all the time

Maybe your list would have some other points or have a different order of priority, but I think I got many of the properties we all would want in a good anti aging hand cream.

Now how to find such a cream?

I have been to the drugstore so many times, buying different hand creams and most of the time ending up disappointed. Some creams I tried were really rich and moisturizing, but didn't absorb in a decent timeframe, leaving my hands sticky and oily. Sure I can use them in the evening before bed – but what about the times I've just washed my hands at work or after doing the dishes and I want to replenish the moisture to my hands quickly?

The lighter, quickly-absorbing creams I've tried so far take care of that problem – but I have to be applying them pretty much hourly to maintain that softness and smoothness I want to feel on my hands! Especially in winter, when the skin is dry, they just don't work

Oh the frustration – why can I not find a natural hand care product which combines these properties?

Well, after having tried pretty much all the natural hand care products at my drugstore (there weren't that many to begin with) I turned to the internet and started doing some research. And behold! The skin care brand I generally recommend, Xtend Life, just released a new product – the Nourishing Hand Cream!

It does exactly what I want it to: it absorbs quickly but keeps my hands smooth for up to 24 hours. At the same time, it's effective enough to soften up the skin even when it is very dry and irritated. And there is no sticky film residue!

The ingredients are similar to the other Xtend Life's skin care range, which is in my opinion superior when it comes to age defying and fighting the signs of age. The hand cream has the Kanapa blend and CoQ10 as well as the healing Manuka Honey in its formulation, which makes it really, really effective in nourishing, rejuvenating and healing your skin.

So if you liked what you read here head on over to the Xtend Life site and order the Nourishing Hand Cream with Kanapa right away! I'm sure you'll love it!