Skin Care in Winter – 7 Tips on How To Deal With Dry Winter Skin

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Depending on where you live, you might need to deal with cold weather in the wintertime. While cold, snowy days are beautiful and enjoyable, winter weather and the drastic change going from fresh freezing outdoors to heated indoors and back many times daily can be hard on your skin, too.  I know my skin gets much drier and more sensitive than it is in the summertime, making it more challenging to take care of it and I need to follow a different "against dry winter skin" -regime in order to keep it beautiful. If that is the case with you too, you'll need to make sure your skin care in winter is sufficient, so that you can keep looking beautiful with a supple, glowing skin throughout the seasons.

Why won’t you try these 7 tips: you will learn how to how to deal with dry skin in the winter by taking care of it in the winter months and how to keep it moisturized, supple and beautiful!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. It's a different routine!

First of all, realize that your winter skin care routine will be different from your skin care routine in the summertime. It is essential to update your skincare routine as soon as you start noticing your skin reacting to the weather changes and that dry winter skin or redness starts appearing.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The fact is that in the summertime your skin needs less moisturizing than in winter. For example, you might only use a day cream to moisturize your face in the summer, but it might be that you’ll need to complement that product with a night cream in the winter months. In the nighttime your skin has the chance to regenerate and heal itself, but if your skin is feeling dry or looking dull in the morning, it means that it's not able to do that the way it should be. You can help the process by using a nutritious; all-natural night cream with ingredients that support your skin's healing efforts throughout the night.

Risehip oil and evening primrose oil are a few of my favorite ingredients in nourishing skin creams, as these are scientifically proven to be healing, moisturizing and smoothing. You'll see in a few weeks' time if the cream you are using is suitable - if your skin stays dry and flakey, try something else, perhaps a more nourishing product. One good product I like to recommend is the Lift Intelligent Energy Creme, which is great for dry and/or aging skin.

3. Try a hydrating mask

Another great tip for skin care in winter is to improve your skin's moisture levels by using a mask every one to two weeks. A good hydrating mask should be able to deeply nourish and moisturize your skin. Go 100% natural! Completely natural masks are usually safer and more effective than ones with synthetic ingredients. Try the Blissoma Lavish mask with organic oatmilk and cupuacu butter!

If you haven't been using masks before, give it a try, you might be surprised how wonderful your skin feels afterwards!

4. Skip products with mineral oil

Especially when it gets below freezing, taking care of your skin's wellbeing is essential. An important thing most people don't know is that you should avoid skin creams with mineral oil (also called petrolatum or petroleum jelly) especially in the winter. That is actually shocking to most, as Vaseline is a winter favorite of many people. Unfortunately, it’s not really doing much good to your skin.

Why is that?

Well, mineral oil, when applied on the skin as a lotion or moisturizer forms a thin layer of itself on the skin. Some people say the layer is great for keeping the skin's own moisture in (that might explain the petroleum jelly popularity), but when it's below freezing, this thin layer can get dangerous. See, the coldness gets through the thin mineral oil layer, but the cold moisture that gathers on the skin underneath it cannot get out. In the worst case, you could end up with tiny freeze burns that develop under that petrolatum layer!

The better choice are creams with only natural, plant based oils, which are safe as they let your skin breathe no matter what the temperature is.

5. Cut down on the excessive cleansing

Here's how the skin works: it produces oils which are meant to keep the skin protected and healthy. When you wash your face and body with a cleanser or a shower gel, you are of course removing all the dirt and grime that might be on your body, but you are also washing away the protective layer of natural oils your skin has produced. So in the wintertime, check now and then if you really need to cleanse your face as often as you do in the summer.

If you must wash your face several times a day, make sure to use a very moisturizing and gentle facial cleanser. The same goes for your body - forget drying soaps and gels with alcohols or sulfates for the season and go with soothing body washes instead.

6. Try intense overnight treatments

This is my secret tip when it comes to really boosting your winter skin care, and it is vital if you have dry skin in general: when you are getting ready for bed, rub your skin with a natural, high-quality cold pressed oil (like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil), really rub it in and cover the oiled areas with cotton - gloves or socks for hands and feet or a cotton pajama for the body. In the morning shower as usual (see tip above and skip excessive washing and rubbing though!).

If you do the treatment on your face, make sure to change the pillowcase daily. After one to three nights you are sure to feel the difference on your skin. You can do these 1-3 days every few weeks or even more often if you are using 100% natural cold-pressed oils, as they do no damage to your skin.

7. Supplement with Omega 3 from within

If oil on the outside is good for you, why not give it a try from the inside too? A lot of the time the best dry winter skin remedy is to nourish the body from the inside out. A high-quality Omega 3 supplement can really make a difference in how you feel, enabling your body to function its best. If you are healthy and getting all the nutrients you need, it will show on your skin, guaranteed! You could try this Nordic Naturals Omega 3 blend for example.

Those were all the tips I have to share on this topic today. I hope I could teach you something you didn't know and that will help you with your winter skin care routine, and share some of my favorite skin care and supplement products with you!