How To Get Good Skin Naturally - Tips For Beauty From Within

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If you think about skin and beautiful skin in particular, you often think about skin care. Of course, you ask yourself "How to get good skin?" and immediately answer yourself "by taking care of my skin with a skin cream". But there are other factors, too, that play a part in making the skin look and feel nicer, and those factors are the ones we often overlook as they are not as obvious.

I mean, you apply a good natural face cream on and if it’s any good it will make you look a bit better immediately and or course will give lasting results when used regularly. But drinking a skin health boosting smoothie daily is a bit more difficult as we see no immediate results and the effects might not be so visible so soon.

That doesn’t mean that these “beauty from within” factors are any less important in getting nice skin though! It’s best if you combine both natural skin care as well as foods and supplements that make your skin beautiful and healthy from the inside out.

What is important to remember in skin care is to use only natural products if you want to protect your health and beauty. You’ve perhaps heard of parabens and other nasty substances many companies, even brand names, still use in their skin care today. If you use truly 100% natural, clean skin care products, you will be spared of such chemicals which may jeopardize your health. Not to mention natural products are very effective! They don’t say “trust nature” for no reason – and combined with scientific research I firmly believe natural products can be even more effective than synthetic ones.

It’s also essential that you maximize your fruit and veg intake! You might not want to hear it, but there’s just no way around it, fruit and veg are vitamin-filled and health-boosting and your skin just won’t look radiant and beautiful if all you eat is process foods and meats! If you are not eating 5 portions a day yet and can’t even think how you could do so, try with 3 portions first and supplement with a superfood smoothie and a multivitamin. Even if you are getting 5-a-day, a superfood supplement can be very beneficial.

Speaking of superfood supplements, my favorite skin care brand which I recommend here on this site also makes a superfood supplement especially for the skin.

For example, green tea benefits health in many ways:

  • It gives you energy
  • It improves your mood
  • It may help with weight loss
  • It’s good for your heart
  • It can prevent cancer

Zupafood for SKIN also has a dedicated ingredient in it which rejuvenates it from the inside, called “Collactive”. It boosts collagen and elastin in your body, among its many benefits.

What else can you do other than using good skin care products, eating fresh foods and taking a skin health boosting supplement?

Well, do remember to drink water or get some more green tea goodness into your body by just having a couple of cups of it daily. My personal favorite is green tea flavored with jasmine – it’s so delicious! Who knew getting good skin naturally could be so tasty?

Last but not least – don’t stress about your skin and any skin problems you may have! Stress and worry is very unhealthy, and if you are taking these tips, even a few of them, your skin should be getting better and better. If I were to choose three most important ones I would say water, veggies & superfoods and a good natural day cream, so if you are not doing those yet, perhaps start with them!

I hope this article was beneficial for you in your quest to boost your beauty from within!