Natural Skin Peeling - Get Radiant Skin With a Natural Clay Mask

Natural skin peeling is truly the ideal measure if you want to get smooth, radiant skin.  The skin renews itself on it's own of course, but it is useful to help it rejuvenate and regenerate with a natural clay mask. Let me tell you why and how!

Our skin creates about 1 million skin cells every minute throughout our complete lives. That amounts to more than 5 billion new cells just daily! The dead cells, that (while they still lived!) have been on the skins upper layers for approximately 25 days, are constantly being replaced by the new cells. The old, dead cells begin naturally to fall off once they die, giving opportunity for the new skin cells to take their place. However, sometimes the dead cells kind of cling on to your skin, making it very hard if not impossible for the fresh skin cells emerge onto the surface. This can lead to tired looking skin, blackheads and pimples, discoloration and even signs of premature aging.

If you're not happy with how your facial skin looks, the problem could just be that your skin can't get rid of the old cells on its own! To solve the problem, you can help your skin by peeling it naturally, for example with a deep cleansing mask or a natural skin peeling cleanser. What these kinds of products do is that they peel off the dead layer of skin cells on the top of the skin, enabling the new cells to make their way to the top!

What are the benefits of using a natural skin peeling cleanser or an exfoliating scrub you ask? If you use a gentle, natural cleanser you should be able to see immediately after using how it refines your skin's texture as it helps support healthy circulation underneath the skin and removes the dead skin cells on the top of the skin. It will also clean clogged pores and deep cleanse your whole skin. The exfoliating scrub should also moisturize your skin and help it stay healthy and beautiful which effective natural ingredients such as Kiwifruit extract.

One serious word of warning: stay away from products with microbeads! These tiny particles of plastic are being added to numerous cosmetics and skin care products all over the world. These microbeads, hardly visible to the naked eye, flow straight from the bathroom drain into the sewer system. Wastewater treatment plants cannot filter out microbeads and that is the main reason why, ultimately, they contribute to the plastic plague which is effectively ruining the world’s oceans. Sea creatures absorb or eat microbeads, and these microbeads are then passed along the marine food chain. Therefore it is likely that we are also absorbing microbeads from the food we eat. Microbeads are not biodegradable and once they enter the marine environment, they are impossible to remove. Microbeads are not harmful to your skin, but to the whole environment, so I strongly suggest you choose only products free of microbeads.

But what about natural clay masks? For what are they good for?  Well, a good natural clay mask with cleansing properties can be used at home, it's risk free and gentle, but still very efficient. The main effect of such masks is that the mask pulls away and removes dead skin cells from your face. For that effect only you don't need a mask necessarily.  But a good natural clay masks can restore your skins elasticity, reduce pore size and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles at the same time as it is peeling your skin. A good mask can also assist in improving your skin color and in stimulating collagen production, that way making your face look and feel younger.

It's somewhat a preference decision whether you like to use an exfoliating scrub or a natural clay mask, as they both basically fulfill the same purpose. Usually clay masks are somewhat more nourishing than scrubs, but this of course changes from brand to brand.

If you are shopping for natural clay masks, my tip is that you choose one with Kaolin clay, a special clay which is very gentle even for dry skin. Pure Kaolin Clay has the wonderful ability to absorb toxins, control oil on the skin and even stimulate circulation, which has the effect of making your skin look radiant and glowing. If you want to know what natural clay mask I recommend, please take a look at this Cleansing Mask! For exfoliating scrub, check out the Age Defying Exfoliating Scrub by Xtend-Life, my favourite natural skin care company! It's effective, moisturizing and guaranteed without microbeads!