How To Remove Age Spots Naturally - Q&A

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Are you suffering from age spots on your skin, and you want to learn more about what they are and most importantly, how can you get rid of them? Then you have chosen the right article to read - in this short Q&A I will share the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about age spots.

Q: What are age spots?

A: Age spots, also called sun spots, brown spots or liver spots, are flat brownish spots that can appear anywhere on the skin, also on the face. They usually appear quickly, almost overnight. They range from tiny to very big in size.

Q: What causes sun spots?

A: The sun in combination with our skin's melanin, actually. Melanin is the substance in our skin that absorbs sunlight and protects our skin from UV rays naturally. Often as we age, this natural ability to block UV rays begins to decrease, and as a result, age spots start to appear. Genetics, diet and lifestyle can also have an effect on sun spots, but the main culprit is the sun.

Q: Are brown spots dangerous?

A: No, they are not dangerous. There is no link between brown spots and cancer, for example. If you have spots on your skin, you should have them checked by a doctor, though, to make sure they are really age spots and not any other skin condition like the very dangerous melanoma.

Q: What can I do to get rid of sun spots at home?

A: There are many ways you can treat brown spots with in your own home. Removing age spots naturally will take some effort, but can be very effective.

  • One of the most popular home remedies is lemon juice. For brown spots, squeeze a half a lemon and rub its juice on the spots, let it dry for a few minutes, and then rinse off with water.
  • If you want treatment more suitable for sensitive skin, mix some honey into the lemon juice and follow the instructions above.
  • For a more effective treatment, try a 100% natural skin cream with Licorice Root Extract. This substance is very effective in lightening the skin tone and has been found to significantly reduce and lighten sun spots in tests. Such creams are good to the skin as there are no harsh chemical bleaches in them, and they really do work when used over a period of time.
  • Other effective but more risky treatments are photorejuvenation, laser therapy and chemical peels. They often show results very quickly, but their downside is that they are rather expensive and some of them can also have side effects such as (very) irritated skin.

Q: What can I do to prevent more brown spots from appearing?

A: Stay out of the sun and take care of your skin! It's best to wear a sunscreen every day. It's best to use a separate sunscreen rather than an anti aging skin cream with an integrated sunscreen. That way you can apply more sunscreen whenever needed, and making sure your skin stays moisturized and well nourished underneath it. That also means not only sunscreen daily, but also a skin care cream to moisturize your skin, making it less prone to sag and get wrinkles. Another good idea is to start taking an Omega 3 supplement, as Omega 3 can help prevent sun damage in the skin.

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