Get Rid Of Laugh Lines - 6 Tips to Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

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Laugh lines tell a tale of a life filled with happiness and feeling emotions, but let's be honest - they still can be ugly.

The good news is you can get rid of your laugh lines. You can reduce them with these natural methods - no expensive injections or dangerous surgery needed!

Water is Life - Stay Hydrated

The major part of our bodies is water. But do you know that? Sadly many of us live our lives dehydrated, lacking water in our bodies most of the time. That's very bad for the skin and the body though. Dehydration will make your skin age prematurely and develop wrinkles. That's one of the reasons why you should make sure to always drink enough water. You can drink other liquids too, for example herbal tea, fresh fruit juice or fruit smoothie - but soda, alcohol or coffee do not count!

Work Out For Your Face - Facial Exercises

By exercising the small but important facial muscles regularly they will stay toned and the skin over them will stay tighter.

The best exercise to look younger is indeed laughing! To get rid of laugh lines, the worst mistake you can do is to stop laughing. But you should try other facial exercises as well, for example making a surprised expression (wide eyes, open mouth...) and hold it for 15 seconds. Then switch to another extreme facial expression, for example delighted - flash your widest smile and hold it for another 15 seconds. Check out some other excercises from this site.

Make Sure You Get Lots Of Nutrients

Much of the rejuvenation of your skin actually happens inside your body. Without the right nutrients your body can't produce healthy skin cells nor keep your facial skin supple and smooth. If you feel like your diet is not optimal (if you are getting less than five to seven portions of fruit and veggies daily, for example) and you are not getting all the nutrients you need, it might be beneficial take a natural multivitamin supplement.

Say NO to Chemicals and Toxins

Many of the chemicals such as preservatives you find in most of the brand name cosmetics and skin care products can actually worsen how your aging skin looks. Products containing alcohol, mineral oil, and heavy fragrances should be avoided if you want to keep your skin feeling and looking youthful.

You should also avoid toxins as much as you can. This means avoiding things like smoke from cigarettes and cigars, pollution, heavy drinking, eating too much animal proteins and junk foods on a regular basis. If you do them regularly, give your body a break to detox from these things and your skin will thank you - or if you can, give them up for the sake of your health and looks forever!

Moisturize with Natural Skin Creams

It indeed is possible to get rid of laugh lines naturally without injections, dermabrasion, surgery or magic, just by living healthy and using natural skin care products. Nature offers us all the ingredients that work wonders on reducing wrinkles. With the best products and a lot of persistence, you can soon be giving your skin a natural, daily face lift just by using the right natural products in your skin care routine.

But which products should you use? Most importantly the skin care line you are using should be based on one-hundred-percent natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and to have true anti-aging properties. Read the ingredients list on any product you are considering and stay away from mineral oil, preservatives, chemicals and synthetic fragrances. If you get a completely natural product, you'll automatically avoid these harmful substances.

In order to get rid of laugh line wrinkles, the products you are using must stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, which are two key substances in your skin that keep it youthful and smooth. With age their activity decreases, but they can be stimulated with the right skin cream, increasing the production back to the level it was when you were younger.

But don't buy into skin creams that include collagen or elastin, as they cannot penetrate your skin and just end up sitting on it, doing no good to your skin. You should instead look for ingredients which are able to get into your skin's deeper layers and stimulate the collagen and elastin activity there, such as moringa oil.

Try a Hydrating Face Mask

It is good to give your skin an extra intensive treatment every two weeks or so. A good natural hydrating mask should be rich in vitamins and support the work your skin cream does in stimulating your body's own elastin and collagen production, ideally using the same effective ingredients as your skin cream.

If you choose a good mask, it will also nourish your skin with natural plant oils, antioxidants based on plants, as well as essential lipids and fatty acids, all which will help you in keeping your skin youthful, healthy and glowing. This is especially important if you have a dry skin, but in general hydrating masks will do good for almost all skin types, especially if the signs of aging are already very visible on your skin or if your skin is very dry.

If you take these tips and start a serious quest to get rid of your laugh lines, you should be seeing results in no time!

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